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Destinies Are Blueprints


In Ancient Egypt, the pursuit for a better life experience journey honed on the belief system of knowing thyself, thus, you could create anything possible with your social standing. At times that honed on the political climate of ruling families generational influence and law abiding tidings directed by the higher beings of Gods said to left the mountainous amounts of knowledge. One could aspire and if deemed with unique abilities rise to the higher echelon of society and even into the Royal family of gaining access to the higher beings and knowledge kept in the pyramids and in temples not known to many of the location of such knowledge. 

Today, it is most important to aspire and think outside of the box that will claim your destiny and set you on a path of the abundance that most every seek but struggle to understand the balance of ones wants from desires. In knowing your destiny is a connection to your purpose or your real talent that brings you joyfulness as well as others and it is not of the taking spirit but of the giving – thats how a lot of commoners with a good heart got moved up to society rank or influence, such as well craftsman due to the dedication to their craft and creativity as well as the respect to the higher authority levels as well as the royal family and connections to the royal family. Design your blueprint that sets on the path of humbleness and respect and you will always land on point, on time and with a future of a journey that satisfies your heart and mind forward moving to divine eloquent destiny. 

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