MOLIAE GOLD Wings of Atlantis Hoodi

Stylist and breathable cotton blend for the royal in you to wear causally chic forward moving.


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In the pursuit of excellence, we have expanded the brand releasing new MOLIAE Gold Wings of Atlantis from the podcast show short stories series “Atlantis” get this newest design release for your profound look honoring the ancients of prominence and intrigue, remember the times!

In this hoodie, the theme color outer wings are black and brown golden different from this hoodie podcast show collection of  turquoise, thus in this design the golden brown color is highlighted more over the outer larger wings are relating to the podcast show of MOLIAE theme colors that represents Royalty, Healer and Peace of Mind as well as Mood as in the halls of the Pyramid Mystery School of Knowledge the color as sometimes called teal provided the means for proper Mediation and thus used on stones on Kings and Queens of Egypt as well as in Atlantis the time before Mitsrayim.

Get your Wings of Atlantis MOLIAE Hoodie and be about the vibe of history forward moving to a peace journey.

Unisex Premium Hoodie – Cotton

Available sizes S/M/L/2XL

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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