In the Time of Nahor


“In the moments we shared since the beginning of our time, my heart will forever flow as the blue Nile of only you. – Nahor”

From the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play” — Nahor is a Mitstry (Egyptian) a long-time childhood friend of Princess Aamina and the son of the Royal Family High Herbalist of Abbass: Ezri …”those of the Ancients of Anui”

At the time of the story of Mitsrayim, he is torn by his pursuit  of control to alter others choices that puts his destiny at risk.

MOLIAE Prestige Return – In the beginning

Scenes from the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE” that will reveal the book in it’s entirety: “Mitsrayim” from the original Princess and the two rival brother Kings for the anticipated theatrical return to introduction many other characters in the Mitsrayim story, featuring The Kings as a central source of conflict for the Princess of Ancient Egypt.

Behind The Scenes of Prestige Return of MOLIAE

Get behind the scenes of the cast and crew for the Prestige Return of MOLIAE! Thank you for all your support in supporting “Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt” (MOLIAE) that started back in 1995 in writing the book “Mitsrayim” With determination and focus anything is possible to achieve the goal, in the merit of the Ancient Ancestors the journey to now provides confirmation to have Seeds of a Harvest…