Nichel Anderson aka Nichel MOLIAE

The influential writer, published author and film Director, Ms. Nichel Anderson aka Nichel MOLIAE has enthralled readers of her characters, storyline theme and enhance the storytelling aspect of ancient times to inspire and motivate thru divine message of hope and what is really true love. Follow Ms. Anderson on her journey of purpose and mission that when you set your mind to greater things that are of giving, you soar to higher heights of awareness and purpose. 

Over the last several years, Ms. Anderson went from writing a manuscript over 20 years ago to arriving in Atlanta, Georgia learning the entertainment business before the big rush as the new movie center in Atlanta and worked with establishments from the 14th Playhouse Theater and Arts Center in midtown of Atlanta. She did her first feature film of her favorite hero in history, Dr. W.E.B DuBois called “Dawn of A New Day” still available for online streaming and continue to aspire for her ultimate dreaming moving to Atlanta and that is to turn her book “Mitsrayim: A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt” (MOLIAE) — Moments of Love in Ancient Egypt as the theatrical name. 

If you wish to support Ms. Anderson to get her dream forward moving of a feature film and support her purpose mission check out MOLIAE Merch and follow her on social media and which she can be reach by dm or whatsapp. Do check out her first NFTs collection of MOLIAE “Pyramid Mystery Temple Reunion” (visit official website at  along with thereafter will be an “Aspu Legends of Lions” collection. Get in the know of the multi-talented and influential, the Ms. Nichel Anderson aka Nichel MOLIAE !

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