MOLIAE Audio Book CD – Coming Soon

Check out the promo for the forthcoming Audio Book CD based on the stageplay production that currently in a prep-phase for the return of the expanded storyline for the third time on stage. This will be the new and first MOLIAE Audio Book CD featuring scenes by characters in the book not yet featured on stage or film to be release during the forthcoming Prestige Return of MOLIAE.

In the Time of Nahor

"Prestige Return of MOLIAE"

Scenes from the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay”

“In the moments we shared since the beginning of our time, my heart will forever flow as the blue Nile of only you – Nahor”

From the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play” — Nahor is a Mitstry (Egyptian) a long-time childhood friend of Princess Aamina and the son of Ezri, the Royal Family High Herbalist of Abbass: Ezri …”those of the Ancients of Anui”

At the time of the story of Mitsrayim, he is torn by his pursuit  of control to alter others choices that puts his destiny at risk.

On the sunset of finishing the last day session at the Mystery School of Thought, Nahor is determined than ever to raise his presence for “prestige” amongts Royal Rulers – to gain the power he seeks to fulfill within and to secure the heart of Princess Aamina … So, Nahor makes a deal, as well, in the story of MOLIAE.

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“In the objective to be acknowledged, we risk losing our true selves, but if we choose to be in balance of all things, then we can soar for what we were meant to be – Nichel Anderson” —