King Mahlon of Mitsrayim

During the time thereafter of the Ancients and descendant of those of Sumner an ANuiken, it is King Mahlon the ruler of Mitsrayim before the time of Princess Aamina, one of his daughters by Queen Hagar. In the timeline of the Podcast Show – “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” highlights King Mahlon important character from the book “Mitsrayim” to be introduced first ever on stage in the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay”.

King Mahlon, the Ruler of Mitsrayim (Ancient Egypt) and father of Princess Aamina. It is King Mahlon agreement in The Deal with King Dumah’s father; King Kohane of Zimbabwe to unite Princess Aamina with King Dumah. However, King Daniy’el poses a major threat to such a deal. An unknown secret to why such an arrangement by King Mahlon is hidden for those few that really know of it’s origin that reach the domain of Illyuwn.