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Get in the know, share info, talk to current cast members of production projects, contests, first access to news and updates, live video chats with author, playwright and Director; Nichel Anderson and others of the MOLIAE team.

Finally, a platform that is geared towards the many expansion of MOLIAE from the humble beginnings of the book “Mitsrayim: A Memoir” by Ms. Anderson to the stageplays, webisodes season one available on to the Return of MOLIAE Stageplay and so much more. Such as, you can finally learn about all the over 50 characters from the book timeline to the Podcast Show – Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond timeline.

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Behind The Scenes of Prestige Return of MOLIAE

Get behind the scenes of the cast and crew for the promotional campaign for the forthcoming Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay! Thank you for all your support in supporting “Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt” (MOLIAE) that started back in 1995 in writing the book “Mitsrayim” With determination and focus anything is possible to achieve the goal, in the merit of the Ancient Ancestors the journey to now provides confirmation to have Seeds of a Harvest…

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