Show Notes – Season 3 2019-2020 Podcast Episodes

Season 3 Podcast Show

September 9, 2019 to May 25, 2020

Show Notes Listings of Future and Previous Podcast Episodes:

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Schedule of Podcast

  • Regular season is from September to May.
  • Monday – is the day of the week for biweekly 2x a month podcast episodes release by 10:00 am EST – these are short stories clips with sometimes releasing a bonus promo of a full length short story for the week for all listeners, but it will be rare and a bonus. Most of these stories release to the public will be short clips of the actual full story. Patrons will get the full access all the time. 
  • Dates of regular season podcast episodes releases are on show notes for that year and home page of MOLIAE website.
  • Summer Break – is during the off regular season months from June to August releasing one time a month on Mondays by 10:00 am EST for the lead up to to regular new season in the fall in September of that year. **Dates for summer break here
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*COMING SOON – Show Notes, Future Episodes of Season 3

Podcast Show Premiere: September 9, 2019:

“Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina”

Moments of love in Ancient Egypt, Princess Aamina, Kings, Mitsrayim
“When love was divine in Mitsrayim”