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Join the MOLIAE (Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt) Production Fan Club. Send us an email with Join MOLIAE Fan Club in the subject heading and we will you to our growing email list. We will only send out updates relevant to the Moments of Love In Ancient Production, the forthcoming release of the Short Film and Webisodes available for Online Streaming of Film before the much anticipated return of the Stage Play!

MOLIAE Prestige Return – In the beginning

Scenes from the forthcoming “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay” that will reveal the book in it’s entirety: “Mitsrayim” from the original Princess and the two rival brother Kings for the anticipated theatrical return to introduction many other characters in the Mitsrayim story, featuring The Kings : Dumah and Daniy’el as a central source of conflict for the Princess of Ancient Egypt.

MOLIAE Is Power of Choice

Mitsrayim Book of MOLIAE

The production of MOLIAE is the power of individual choice that encourages self confidence and determination to succeeding in life!

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