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One of a kind, in lyrics written by Nichel MOLIAE for her 1st album of her song "You Know Me" based from her journey of her book. Featuring RnB artist Faisal Gogaga and rappers Jadhe' & Aharel the 2 Kings vying for her true love divinity.
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“You Know Me”

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In the journey of love, we search for the connection that brings forth our real selvs of learning to give and receive what Nichel MOLIAE calls ‘the 360’ and in that we discover the basis to formulate true love. But sometimes the choosing of whom can enter moments of uncertainity with emotions of the vibe between another requires a perspective of reasoning to decide if that person is the one. In the song “You Know Me” hones on that perspective as from Ms. Anderson’s book ” Mitsrayim: A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt” there are two Kings vying for her love and affection and she must choose … which one?    


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nichel moliae LYRIC LINE: “To once we were connected as rivers and thus we shall and can be once more because you know me.”

“Love is all that you need once you found the positive vibe of self worth and the giving energy which is the 360” – Nichel moliae 

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