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Timeline of Characters profiles from the book “Mitsrayim” and the Podcast Show:

Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond

Princess Aamina
Princess Aamina is a Mistry (Egyptian) by birth and the Future ruler of Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt) upon the age of 19 to the Zimbabwe ruler King Dumah. Princess Aamina is the daughter of current ruler of Mitsrayim, King Mahlon and Queen Hagar. Princess Aamina is the second child of the influential ruler, King Mahlon with his generations of roots of those from Sumner and her mother ties to Illyuwn (those upon that watch all on Tiamat).
Princess Aamina has two close childhood friends, that both are featured during the same timeline. Her two friends are Nahor (the son of Ezri) and Salma. Princess Aamina complete childhood has been exposed to many experiences relating to the ways of rulership, thus, the aim to control her will of choices in purpose by her parents associated with “the deal”.. In supportive manner, it is her older sister Princess Hannah that assists in a proactively way giving Princess Aamina a voice of reason against those that which to control, rather than, let freedom be.
Timeline :
Princess Aamina is during the time of the book “Mitsrayim: A Memoir”. Princess Aamina is not yet in any of scenes of the Podcast Show initial seasons: “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” – for the initial seasons are themed “Before the Time of Princess Aamina”.
Princess Aamina time is presented through her perspective during the timeline of the book “Mitsrayim” and will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay” – that she was exposed to and completed the studies of the Elite within the Mystery School of Thought, thus, on the verge to become ruler by the deal sealed years ago by her father King Mahlon with King Kohane (Step-father to King Dumah and King Daniy’el).
Location : Princess Aamina is in Mitsrayim (Kemet) Egypt.

King Dumah

King Dumah is the ruler of Zimbabwe and lower part of the Sudan and the future husband to Princess Aamina because of an old deal set up by Princess Aamina’s Father – King Mahlon and King Kohane (the step-father of King Dumah and King Daniy’el).
He is the Antagonist one that is committed and determined to see the deal come to fruition by any means necessary. He is bold and fearless to accomplish such goals.
King Dumah has known Princess Aamina since they were children. He is about 4-5 years older than Princess Aamina, however, he gained rulership of Zimbabwe and the lower part of the Sudan at an earlier age due to King Kohane left the scene prior too.
King Dumah is the brother of King Daniy’el that creates an intense rivalry between the brothers.
King Dumah enters the storyline during the timeline of the book: “Mitsrayim” and will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay”. He will be a young boy when being introduce into the podcast show storyline timeline “Before the Time of Princess Aamina (Podcast Show initially seasons).
Location : King Dumah is in Zimbabwe, and the lower south parts of the Sudan.

King Daniy’el

King Daniy’el is the ruler of Kodesh (near the Mediterranean area) located at the time of the book and in the theatrical productions, except, the timeline of podcast initial seasons when he’s a young boy . He is the older brother of King Dumah. They are rivals with forces that stretch beyond Tiamat.
He has vast knowledge of the Etherians and voyages are beyond Kodesh for his ties run deep to the north of the Sudan. He is much older than Princess Aamina when they meet up again at her age about to take rulership of Mitsrayim.
King Daniy’el plays a vital role to the next phase in Princess Aamina’s life as well as his own in nurturing the true concept of love, strength in determination, and ability to let go and move to a higher level of understanding in acceptance of life with another.
Timeline :
King Daniy’el is in the time of the book “Mitsrayim” and in all the stageplays versions timeline of the story and he will be in podcast themed”Before the Time of Princess Aamina” in relations to the podcast show “Nichel Anderson Short Story And Beyond” initial first seasons. He is a young boy as his younger brother when being introduce into the podcast show storyline timeline.
Location: King Daniy’el is in Kodesh that is on the near southern-eastern end of the Mediterranean area that’s north of Mitsrayim.


He is a Mitsry (Egyptian) by birth and the first son of Ezri (the High Rank Herbalist of Mystics to Mitsrayim) thus, being born into the Elite Class of Mitsrayim. Nahor is a very close childhood friends to Princess Aamina. Nahor comes from the Elite class in Mitsrayim both in wealth and prestige knowledge beyond this realm.  Before the Kings (Dumah and Daniy’el) entered into Princess Aamina’s life, there was Nahor as a good childhood friend as they were born not too far apart – with his prestigious father rank amongts the royal family Nahor was able to get direct access to Princess Aamina. In this connection, Nahor was able to spend a lot of quality time with Princess Aamina as Nahor was attending the Mystery School of Thought along with Aamina.
Nahor is learned in the mystics of the schools relating to herbal elements within the school of thought taught by his father and Elder Tayyib (the grandfather of Princess Aamina). Nahor fondness of Princess Aamina continues to grow unknown to her, however, in the future he will reveal heart as her promised marriage to one of the kings approaches adding more conflict and drama into the story.
Timeline :
Nahor is in the timeline of the book “Mitsrayim” and all the stage plays versions, short film, as well as, the webisodes. In the podcast initial earlier seasons episodes, Nahor is not born yet to Ezri (High Rank Herbalist of Mystics of Mitsrayim) and his Mother.
Location :  in Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt)


She is from the west coast of the Sudan. It was Salma’s father that was connected to the royal family in Mitsrayim that garnered him a position within the Military, hence, Salma and her mother moved to Mitsrayim. It is Salma that established a best friend relationships with Princess Aamina and then Nahor making them a three pair friend unit. Salma has always been ambitious and creates the conflict unknowing to most but a few. She is determined to raise her social class profile. In the connection with her father being in the Mitsrayim military mid-rank position, she gains the chance to meet Princess Aamina and then Nahor.
Further, thru the connection of Princess Aamina requesting her father King Mahlon to allow Salma to take “some classes of the school of thought” Salma gained a bit more of connecting with other royals. Salma doesn’t stay long in the school of thought but it was the chance of a lifetime to connect with other influential, powerful, and wealthy people of Mitsrayim. Salma falls in love with Nahor who is unknowing to her intention. She comes to terms with the intense competition and her background humble beginnings that sets her future choices on a different path to create a new destiny.
Timeline : Salma is during the time of the book “Mitsrayim” and in all of the theatrical releases, as in, stage plays, webisodes, and short film. She is not as of yet revealed in the podcast show series initial seasons “Before the Time of Princess Aamina” as she along with Nahor and Princess Aamina hasn’t been born yet.
Location : born in western of Sudan, later on moved to live in Mitsrayim (Kemet / Egypt)

King Mahlon

King Mahlon is the ruler of Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt) and the divine mate to Queen Hagar as well as the father of Princess Aamina, Princess Hannah, and there was a son that has not made it into any of the theatrical production as of yet. King Mahlon was born a Mistry into a legendary family of rulers from the beginnings of establishing the Mitsrayim civilization down from Sumner, so his heritage roots go deeper into the Ancients of Akeniti of this solar of Aspu. Mahlon was taught in Mitsrayim by the Greats of Theoi and Ankeniti many decades before the timeline of the book and the podcast show. Thus, his heritage goes deeper into the royalty line of rulers of the land.
King Mahlon is an important figure within the overall MOLIAE storyline as his choices forward intertwined in the book “Mitsrayim” deal with his friend of another kingdom: King Kohane (step-father of King Dumah and King Daniey’el) – that the deal would solidify the cease confrontation between the Orion’s and others in the Sudan region leading into the book timeline story “Mitsrayim”. King Mahlon skillfulness in tactical strategy and military stance earned him much prestige in the coming years leading up to this ruler-ship over Mitsrayim across the region that garnered much praise as well as resistance to his rise in power.
Timeline: in the storyline of the book “Mitsrayim” King Mahlon is the ruler up until his second daughter Princess Aamina takes ruler ship with one of the Kings (Dumah and Daniy’el) as agreed by a deal set forth with King Kohane. King Mahlon is the ruler of Mitsrayim also during the timeline of  and the Podcast Show initial series of MOLIAE short stories – and he will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play”.
Location: in Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt)

Queen Hagar

Queen Hagar is the mother of Princess Hannah, Princess Aamina, and soon another child that is presented in the book “Mitsrayim” as one of the major influences in her children lives. She is the divine mate to King Mahlon – she met him at an earlier age in the Sudan. Queen Hagar is the 1st daughter of Elder Tayyib (High Mystic Theoi School of Thought from Ankeniti) and Queen Mother Mana, whose generations rooted in the time of Sumner. Queen Hagar was taught of the ways of Mitsry and Southern Sudan governing aspects leading to her being among the few attending the “School of Knowledge of The Orion’s Culture Centre” – that assisted in her being able to o speak more than 7 languages across the region and beyond.
Further childhood teachings are currently unknown to the many skills utilized, as Queen Hagar has many Etherians abilities making her rank higher than most queens during her time in the MOLIAE storyline. She is foremost loyal to the crown of Mitsrayim and follow strict royal formalities as taught by her mother and grandmother. Queen Hagar plays a major role to the future deal set forth for her second daughter “Princess Aamina” by supporting King Mahlon in keeping the deal intact. Queen Hagar’s name is infamous by other rulers with her stellar poise and fearless objectivity in keeping the power to the crown of Mitsrayim against many adversaries and admirers.
Timeline: in the storyline book “Mitsrayim” during Princess Aamina – and – then the Podcast Show initial season where it is before Princess Aamina time – and Queen Hagar will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play” when all children are on the scene based on the book story-line.
Location: in Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt) mostly with roots in the Sudan and extended family connections from Ethiopia.

Princess Hannah

Princess Hannah is the first born of King Mahlon and Queen Hagar. Princess Hannah is a key figure throughout the story-line of MOLIAE as she will be the older sister to Princess Aamina that begins the story-line saga from the book “Mitsrayim” to the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay – which she progresses to Queen status by marrying into an ally Kingdom.
Princess Hannah is learned in the Mystery School of Thought and Mystics for preparation of a her future rule. Princess Hannah is very close to her parents and throughout her phases of life got more of the formation into royal protocol both in state governing matters and Mystics Etherians for a well balance life, of duty and purpose, so she knows how to connect with array of different people cultural and social higher intellect differences. By her mother teachings, Princess Hannah can speak over four languages throughout the story-line of Mitsrayim, the Podcast Show initial season series.
Princess Hannah plays an important part within the story-line throughout that assists in changing the course of many expectations as well as empowering g her younger sister future choices. Princess Hannah will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage play”.

Timeline : Princess Hannah is in the book “Mitsrayim as an important role to the story-line and growth of her younger sister. She is also in the Podcast Show initial seasons as a young princess around the ages of 7-8 years old. In the Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage-play she will be a little older than her younger sister and married to Queen status by marring a Mitsrayim ally to a kingdom being called Ghana today.

Location: In Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt)


(High Rank Herbalist of Mitsrayim)
He is the highest rank scientist and herbalist in Mitsrayim with long ties to the royal family (From King Mahlon and prior generations) leading into the future when his son Nahor forms a close relationship with Princess Aamina. It is Ezri that helps the royal family during the turbulent years against uprising of neighboring outbreaks, new generations being born, and taught the Mystery School of Theoi, an ancient way of healing and protection for a fulfilling life forward.
Ezri is of the elite class in Mitsrayim due to his family generations of loyalty to the crown of Mitsrayim and extreme intelligence in the Mystics – that provided a close to connection with the powerful decisions makers in and outside of Mitsrayim rule. Ezri grew up during the time of Queen Hagar, before she became queen. They are long time childhood friends as indicated in the podcast initial series, and his respect and dedication reinforces his position of influence to the crown.
Ezri is during the book “Mitsrayim” and the Podcast Show initial series, as he is about the same age of Queen Hagar and King Mahlon. Ezri will be one of the characters in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage Play.”
Location: In Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt)

Elder Tayyib – (Grandfather Tayyib)

Tayyib was born in Mitsrayim with connections in many powerful places both in the governing aspect and social cultural regions. He is the father of Queen Hagar and two other children by his wife Queen Mother Mana. His earlier teachings are not currently known that lead to his prestige position within the Mystery School of Thought Temple Members. He is the main teacher for most of ruler’s children in this school located in Mitsrayim. He was designated as the sole teacher for Princess Aamina, Nahor, and elite class in Mitsrayim. Tayyib played a strong diplomatic role during the complete series of MOLIAE story-line and beyond. Tayyib is well respected in the region that Mitsrayim rule and beyond.
Tayyib embarks on many journeys on behalf of the crown of Mitsrayim for King Mahlon and Queen Hagar in pursuit of peace. His influence is greatly admired across the Sudan and beyond during the turbulent years from opposing tribal council members and leadership in other countries.
Elder Tayyib is an important role played within the overall MOLIAE story-line that assist in Princess Aamina obstacles against those seeking to control.
Timeline: He is during the book: Mitsrayim time and the podcast show initial seasons, thus, he will be apart of the stage play productions timeline as well.
Location: During the book he is located in Mitsrayim, but in the podcast show initial series he is located on the west coast of the Sudan in the 4th Rank of Mystery Schools of Thought extended

Queen Mother Mana

She was born on the East coast of the Sudan. Queen Mother Mana earlier childhood teachings are currently unknown, but she has a strong influence in her children lives, especially, Queen Hagar. In the book, she is not mention but steps out full force during the time of the Podcast Show initial series as role-model and teacher in to the Etherians School of Thought that her daughter: Queen Hagar was taught. It is Queen Mother Mana to assist in Queen Hagar managing the every increasing and ongoing struggles within the region of Mitsrayim. Queen Mother Mana wisdom and poise continues to assist Queen Hagar in raising her children and with the stellar communication skill that left her legendary during her region.

Queen Mother Mana’s father and mother had ties to the royals and high herbalist of scientists leading connections to the Mystics School of Thought of Sumner, hence, the ability to speak more than 10 languages and can account for many cultural aspects in negotiations that was taught to Queen Hagar.

Timeline:  debut was in the Podcast Show initial seasons timeline – she was featured / came thru the book “Mitsrayim” and haven’t been confirmed will be in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE StagePlay”

Location:  in Ethiopia

General Comrade Jetur

He was born a Mitsry (Egyptian) and he was born to protect the royal family due to his family many generations of military forefathers connected to the history of Mitsrayim formation. His father, General Tekun, was King Mahlon best friend in the younger years before Mahlon took ruler ship of Mitsrayim. Jetur increased influence with Mitsrayim rulers happened in the war outbreak expressed in the Podcast Show initial seasons due to protecting King Mahlon from deeper severe wounds by jumping in between the damaging arrow. Jetur is a Mitsry (Egyptian) by birth and he was born to protect the royal family with many generations of military forefathers connected to the history of Mitsrayim formation. His father, General Tekun, was King Mahlon best friend in the younger years before Mahlon took ruler ship of Mitsrayim.
Jetur increased influence with Mitsrayim rulers happened in the war outbreak expressed in the Podcast Show initial seasons due to protecting King Mahlon from deeper severe wounds by jumping in between the damaging arrow. Jetur was in the book “Mitsrayim as the General at that time and strong supporter of King Mahlon’s plan to upheld the deal that Jetur’s role is imperative for keeping the details a secret and con-concurrent to the rule. Jetur is the leading force over the armies of Mitsrayim due to his military tactfulness from his father General Tekun teachings that provided Jetur expertise in archery across the whole Sudan making Jetur’s name very famous.
Timeline – Jetur is a General in the book “Mitsrayim” timeline, while, the Podcast Show initial seasons he is very young around 17 that made Comrade and quickly into General Rank due to his years of expertise in combat and tactical military strategist – that rose him as one of the youngest high rank comrades leading to General. He will be the General rank in the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stage play”.
Location – in Mitsrayim (Kemet/Egypt)









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