Nichel Anderson – Bio

In roles initially in the business sector, Ms. Anderson accomplished many successes in working with others thru the power of motivational inspiration to move people forward. One day proved her ultimate calling for to explore the prior pull after completing writing the Volume 1 of Mitsrayim: A Memoir with that was an opportunity to be the Harlem Renaissance Columnist. The chance to write out “summaries of reflection” of W.E.B. Du Bois infamous book “The Souls of Black Folk” gained momentum awareness that gained her an opportunity to write several articles in BlackLines Magazine based in New York City. Later on, Ms. Anderson will be the first to produce and wrote screenplay an independent film based on W.E.B Du Bois dawn of his rise in prominence in her film “Dawn of a New Day”.

Mitsrayim: A Memoir was written over twenty years ago thereafter, her book of Corporate America: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success, again a calling to assist those seeking effective strategies to obstacles that leads to their purpose. By 2006, Ms. Anderson was contacted by Essence Magazine that her Corporate American: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success was selected as “The Bible Corporate Climber” for business professionals to reach their desired results.

Once in Atlanta, Ga a few years back Mitsrayim was adapted into the first theatrical production of “Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt” Episodic 1 and the following year in Episodic 2 with just the initial five main characters from the book. A year later, the book was made into a webisode Season 1 and a short film bring Queen Hagar and Enki on the scene. The onset into podcasting was during the prep phase after premiering “Dawn of A New Day” that provided an expansion of Mitrayim timeline making the storyline saga global. Recently, the MOLIAE Stageplay Prestige Return for the third time as the production will focus on filming of MOLIAE and other projects.

Mrs. Anderson mission and purpose hones on the usage of storytelling and truth-telling that inspires others to choose to succeed – anyway, for the outcome that we are all called to fulfill our journey positively forward.