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Production of MOLIAE


Welcome to MOLIAE Production Listings where we provide current and available productions to purchase DVD, Online Streaming of Film, Audio Stage Play Script on CD (Audio CD Coming Soon). Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt (MOLIAE): Short Film – Now Available for Online Streaming!

Aamina with Salma

Logline: – The culture, tradition, honor, as well as the spiritual power of human beings on the consensus of choices that defines our reality as we struggle to define and demonstrate love to ourselves and others in a healthy capacity. The Short Story expands in presenting the rest of the characters from Ms. Nichel Anderson book’s : Mitsrayim: A Past Life in Ancient Egypt — Princess Aamina is essential in making

The Deal into fruition against many odds of opposing forces. Join MOLIAE Fan Email Club: send us an email at info@MOLIAE.com with “Join MOLIAE” in subject heading for more information on the production and benefits in joining the club. —— Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt (MOLIAE): Webisodes –

Aamina and the Queen

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