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Podcast Show

 "Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond"

Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond Podcast Show

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Schedule of Podcast

  • Regular season is from September to May of the following year.
  • Monday - is the day of the week for biweekly podcast episodes releases by 10:00 am EST - these are short stories clips with sometimes releasing a bonus promo of a full length short story for the week for all listeners, but it will be rare and a bonus. Most of these stories release to the public will be short clips of the actual full story. Patrons will get the full access all the time.    
  • Dates of regular season podcast episodes releases are on show notes for that year and the home page of MOLIAE.com
  • Summer Break - is during the off regular season months from June to August releasing one time a month on Mondays by 10:00 am EST for the lead up to to regular new season in the fall in September of that year. **Dates for summer break will be posted here.



  • Season 5 2021-2022 Premiere Return on September 13, 2021 to May 23, 2022.
  • SPECIAL Podcast Events of LIVE Shows- Tuesdays and Wednesdays, (sometimes will be announced in advance) :  The special podcasts are Live Events with Nichel Anderson and sometimes with a Guest Interview that will be live on her Podbean Livestream  - You Must Download the Podbean.com app - Listeners can talk and chat with Nichel !
  • Guest Interviews: It is on Mondays as the regular schedule schedule with sometimes guest speakers interviews are published by Saturday (pre-announced) for guest speakers for live events with the recorded podcasts published under the normal publishing dates as mention.


Below are direct listings to specific Seasons of Podcast Show Notes:

  • "Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond"
  • Show Notes Listings of Future and Previous Podcast Episodes:
  • Click here: Season 5 2021-2022 Podcast Show Notes TBA
  • For prior show notes of episodes visit Ms. Anderson podcast distribution page on Podbean click here   https://nichelandersonshortstoriesandbeyond.podbean.com


Other Listeners Platforms 

iHeartRadio or Spotify are the two additional platforms really effective in listing prior and current episodes in chronically order, which is important due to Ms. Nichel Anderson series of short stories from "MOLIAE" timeline to "Mahogany" as well the "Atlantis". You can access Ms. Anderson podcast show in your car or amazon audio, as well as access iHeartRadio here.


Categories of Podcast

  1. MOLIAE Short Stories -  themed from Nichel Anderson book: "Mitsrayim, A Memoir" listeners will get to learn about the many different characters in the book that all leads up to the moment of the book timeframe that has been filmed and produced on stage, in which, currently the production is in prep stage to return back for "Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay"
  2. Modern Day Short Stories -  new stories with modern day themes outside the realm of subject matter on MOLIAE that expands the short story into diverse content for listeners enjoyment. 
  3. Special Events Podcast - interesting discussions about the short story characters as wells as special guests or selected patrons to read a scene for a future week podcast.


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