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NFTs Collection


The MOLIAE World NFTs Collection created by Nichel Anderson and the forthcoming MOLIAE Token will showcase the royalty of purpose and influence. Launch date of these projects are set to be released later in 2022. For more info on forthcoming Token access here. MOLIAE Whitepaper for NFTs and the MOLIAE Token Whitepaper is set to be revealed momentarily for a detailed investor breakdown of features and utilities set forth as more protocols are put in place for the reveal of launch dates of deployment.


MOLIAE NFTs will be a set of 3 collections of its own creativity with relations to Ancient Egypt of the concepts of higher intellect builds communities of prosperity and peace, thus, look for symbolic and meaningful creative expressions of giving nature worldwide. At this time the goal is to release the 1st out of 3 collections and then the rest thereafter at TBA timeframe. The percentage of proceeds will go to charity in honor of the traditions of Ancient Egypt towards education in reading and literacy programs from children to adults as well as eco-friendly focus for building stronger environments for mother earth for future generations.

We encourage you to stay up to date with MOLIAE journey forward moving on these projects, as much more is in the works by completing the below contact form with subject "sign me up" to our enewsletter. 








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