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MOLIAE Token Blockchain

MOLIAE World Token


The forthcoming MOLIAE Token will showcase the royalty of purpose and influence for a decentralized financial tool built on blockchain technology platform. Which platform has not been fully decided at this time, but will will be soon to be announced, as in Ethereum or as we await Ethereum 2.0 or with an optional position on Solana, in which, the planned ICO and token sale of launch date of this project is set to be released later in 2022 along with the MOLIAE World NFTs Collection (check here on NFTs project).

MOLIAE Token Whitepaper is set to be revealed momentarily for a detailed investor breakdown of features and utilities set forth as more protocols are put in place for the reveal of launch dates of deployment into the greater spear of economies. We ask that you stay updated to our progress by signing up to our newsletter by completing the contact form below with subject heading -- "sign me up" to be in the know of MOLIAE journey forward moving. 

The Roadmap of MOLIAE Token and NFTs collections all proceeds of a percentage of sales will go charity in honor of our ancestors that span the global towards: 

  1. a) Education in improving reading and comprehension for children and adult literacy in impoverish communities in Egypt and around the world.
  2. b) Creating Mother Earth friendly environment enhancing of eco-friendly products and programs that give back to what we are receiving on this planet - MOLIAE Beauty produces Organic and Natural giving products to heal all skin types, aromatherapy for the mind and soul, mood boosters, and antioxidants galore for enhance body improvement of MOLIAE specialized unique blends of botanicals compositions. 




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