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SPECIAL EVENT: LIVE PODCAST SHOW - Featuring host, Ms. Nichel Anderson with special guests, The Dixons, owners of EZShopzonline.com to discuss the journey towards a positive union. The discussions will focus on "Seeking healthy love is that a good thing or not?" to hone on the different phases different people are on and provide encouragement to get to that positive counterpart life joyous experience. 

 Date: February 9, 2021 at :30pm EST on Podbean App. FREE EVENT podcast show.

Access here: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/D5nWulOukR?lsid=zJ3rLi85TV2

SHARE, FOLLOW THE PODCAST SHOWS, this live event will be broadcast on both of Ms. Nichel Anderson show, with the recording as a replay on future notice. 


the MOLIAE Production by the creator, author of "Mitsrayim: A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt" that hones relationships for men and women to better understand one another as well as family enduring interactions to balance everyone choices of life forward. 

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