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Discord - MOLIAE World Community

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Free to connect with others that love MOLIAE and want to discuss in a community chat via text or video chat platform on everything relating to the MOLIAE production of Ancient Egypt. We love our ancestors and the richness of knowledge bestowed upon as moving forward to our destiny of hope and encourage as well as true love as themed in the book "Mitsrayim: A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt."


Click here to join to become a free member: https://discord.gg/THvPyQa

What you get :

  • Be the first to know when the new exciting NFTs Collection of MOLIAE WORLD is released to be early on project before anyone else.
  • Get updates to the planned updated discord channel for NFTs for a seamless and informative platform to invest in the cause towards education and hunger charities with up to 30% sale proceeds towards charity and rest into funding project to film MOLIAE Feature film! Let's do this, soul family!
  • Awesomeness being able to listen to the new MOLIAE Song and forthcoming Album of positive vibes to get your copy and free copies of planned giveaways - Yay!
  • Sneak peak of the types of categories of chat forums
  • You can start a discussion, ask a question, or answer someone else question that opens up the MOLIAE World of many possibilities:
  • Learn about the MOLIAE World many Characters of MOLIAE = there are over 50 different characters from the book "Mitsrayim: A Memoir" by author Nichel Anderson and additionally more from the timeline of the podcast show "Nichel Anderson Short Stories and Beyond" on Podbean -- now you get to discuss, share, inform with others on specific characters and their counterparts, etc. There is more in this category alone.
  • Community discussions on Ancient Egypt-Kemet-Mitsrayim = maybe you just want to connect with other members that follow MOLIAE World that loves Egypt and all the history that goes along with it - this out! start a conversation/text via mobile or your computer.
  • Learn more about Funding project to film MOLIAE as a feature film  by donating - once in the discord by type donate you can do so instantly with our community bot to the cause and winning prizes during special events giveaways to raise the capital to get it done.
  • Get free passes tickets to view the MOLIAE Production Webisodes on reelhouse.org/prestige to discuss, ask questions on whats next, debate on which role dominant the season one of the webisodes streaming th episodes.


Join Today the MOLIAE WORLD on Discord community platform.

Any questions please contact us at info@moliae.com or 1-678-640-8641 from 10am EST to 10pm EST.

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