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Discord - MOLIAE World Community

Join today free to connect with others that love MOLIAE and want to discuss in a community chat via text or video chat platform on everything relating to the MOLIAE production.

Click here to join to become a free member: https://discord.gg/THvPyQa

Sneak peak of the types of categories of chat forums you can start a discussion, ask a question, or answer someone else question that opens up the MOLIAE World of many possibilities:

-Characters of MOLIAE = there are over 50 different characters from the book "Mitsrayim: A Memoir" by author Nichel Anderson and additionally more from the timeline of the podcast show "Nichel Anderson Short Stories and Beyond" on Spreaker -- now you get to discuss, share, inform with others on specific characters and their counterparts, etc. There is more in this category alone.

-Ancient Egypt-Kemet-Mitsrayim = maybe you just want to connect with other members that follow MOLIAE World that loves Egypt and all the history that goes along with it - this out! start a conversation/text via mobile or your computer.

-MOLIAE Production - this covers the Webisodes on reelhouse.org/prestige to discuss, ask questions on whats next, debate on which role dominant the season one of the webisodes streaming th episodes. In addition, this section highlights future events, such as, the Prestige Return of the MOLIAE Stageplay.

There are other categories that aim to open up the community feel of those that wish to stay connected with MOLIAE in the world of the many projects, and storyines from the book - such as, the planned Webcomics of MOLIAE and MOLIAE Apps and future MOLIAE Games to name a few on the planning blueprint.

Join Today the MOLIAE WORLD on Discord community platform. The discord app can be downloaded to mobile device or computer PC or MAC.

Any questions please contact us at info@moliae.com or 1-678-640-8641 from 10am EST to 10pm EST.

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