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What is True Love? How did Ancient Egyptians dealt with divinity love?

There are many connections we encounter with another, but the real one sets your path towards truly understanding another person that uplifts your awareness to live your life to the fullest. The true love is in truth will set you free and beyond. What is True Love? Well it is the beginning of finding a wonderful experience without boundaries by sharing your time with another and vice versa. It is when you honor your role in that person life and choose not to control or misguide but celebrate the everything yet to experience. 


In ancient times, the rulers usually had arranged marriages in times of foreseen conflict amongts terriorities - however, in some cases the union was divine played out by the universe for the ultimate royal power. In not the royal family, the people of couples would unite with similar interests from farming or crafts that shared a commonity. Nonetheless, the patience in learning about one another was a general similar theme no matter the class and thus received the greatest reward of secured foundation. 


True Love is throughout the theme of my book "Mitsrayim - A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt" where once you found the one you are experience a divinely and balanced moments of love. Everything fits into place, you become whole and life feels completely different like a fresh breath of new air. 



By, Nichel Anderson

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