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"Seeking healthy love is a good thing or not? Aim for the best in life!"

When we know our worth only then, we can start to see that healthy true love is the way to go on our path towards the divine experiment of living. It is tough for most and long commitment in the valley of faith, in which, one day you shall receive what you seek - healthy love between another that is built on respect and truth that the MOST HIGH embeds in such an existence.  

The path is never easy, but we must endure to capture what the primary objective set forth eons of time ago - never settle. Endure the experience of the seasons to learn and adapt our personalities to anew ... but never settle. What does that entail? Does it really matter to keep seeking healthy love? Why not settle for what relations present itself? Nope. Don't settle. Keep looking and moving forward to seek the healthy love you deserve. 


Question: "Seeking healthy love is a good thing or not?"

-- Answer:  You better know it that YES, it is!


-By: Nichel Anderson


Nichel Anderson is the published author of "Mitsrayim: A Memoir of A Past Life In Ancient Egypt" and the theatrical production of her book adapted to "Moments of Love In Ancient Egypt (MOLIAE)" and the creator and the Director of stageplays and webisodes as well as the producer and writer of "Dawn of A New Day" first feature film of W.E.B. Du Bois available on reelhouse.org/prestige and every theatrical productions of Ms. Anderson's profile.



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