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"Principles of Marriage" - by Mr. Eduardo Dixon - Guest Blog Writer - MOLIAE Couple

"Principles of Marriage"

The beautiful blessing of being married is that, you form a union with your given soulmate, as  well as with your soulmaker. Marriage to me, is a union or connection amongst two humans that exists in each other's imagination, as well as in reality. The word marriage has eight letter characters. The number Eight is a symbol of everlasting abundance. The difference between a marriage and a relationship, is that a marriage is all within one. Meaning: A marriage is a relationship, sacrifice, job, an adventure, and also a learning process. You never go into a marriage knowing exactly how to be the perfect wife, or husband, but in any successful marriage, you strive for perfection as you grow.

Marriage is overcoming pain, and gaining strength together. Love and lust alone doesn’t equate to the foundation of a true marriage, because love should come natural for all to each other, and lust isn’t a true representation of holiness.                                                                                                                     

Peace, harmony, patience, excitement, pleasure, and prosperity can all be emotional characteristics of a marriage. Marriage isn’t for everyone. It is for the people who understand that no human is perfect, and it’s not about who’s wrong or right, but having the will power to compromise as a union. Marriage is for people who are willing to share the higher version of themselves with their mates, for the greater good of the union. Sometimes you must hear the same questions, opinions, remarks, statements etc, until your mate feels that they are finally heard by someone that truly matters.

Attention, satisfaction, respect, and a spiritual connection can sometimes be absent from a marriage, but only when you allow the “Most High” to enter and lead your relationship, will you attract such fulfillments. One must study their mate to the fullest extent, with the purpose of connecting spiritually, physically and emotionally. Marriage can be tasteful and come in all different flavors such as, chocolate skin, vanilla, strawberry, peach skin, or butter pecan. Enjoy yours!                                                                                                       


Written by 

Eduardo Dixon


Mr. Eduardo Dixon is married to Mrs. Zamecia Dixon with a beautiful family. They are the successful business owners of EZShopzonline.com - You can connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.



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