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“How to tell someone you love them”

It should be simple, but for most it is not to reveal your heart’s desire. Sometimes you just have to let your feelings show outwardly to receive the freedom of expression. Basically, you just say it to the one that makes you feel so wonderful like a cool, creamy bowl of ice cream. Saying that you love someone, let alone that you are “in love with them” is a very nervous plateau of emotions, you have so much riding on the fact the person of your heart’s desire could result in not restating the same precious words back to you. That can be stressful and intense feeling to never say those words. When do you say it? Should you never say the words that could change your perspective to every expression such emotion to someone you really, really like no other? Life is precious moments. Tell them!

In my book, “Mitsrayim- A Memoir of Past Life In Ancient Egypt” there are moments when Princess Aamina and King Daniy’el has to express their inner soul-connected feelings to heal of what they expected from their relationships in the beginning of their dating or courting. Saying the words were like speaking truth that released … it is what it is. So let’s say, that you are torn to say it and being rejected or saying and let it fly to the moon to deliver to the person you seek to move into a loving relationship forward moving.

Pick a time that is causal, nothing fancy and talk to them to say  - “I am really into you and think of you often that these last few moments….” Then you say it. I am in love with you. Mean what you say and be willing to accept the response. Breathe. You did it.

 By Nichel Anderson



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