“Atlantis” New Epic Story an expansion of “MOLIAE” Universe

“We enter the timeline of Atlantis where the royal family is of those of “Acobi” with three children by his wife “Lageni” in which the celestial balance recently experience more upheaval requiring leadership to steer a new course against those persisted to destroy and con-conquer for domination. Upon the birth of his youngest children, “The Twins”, a brother and sister, named “Arinte and Makato brings forth the new purpose of divine intervention and to keep the peace within the domain of Atlantis, the planet now called Earth and those in the Galactical Realm of Order.


This will be a full release of the production story “Atlantis” for the month of February as a recurring story on the podcast show. If you like it share it and support by downloading this podcast show app on Google Play and Apple Store.







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