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September 3, 2018 to May 27, 2019



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Schedule of Podcast

  • Monday – regular new weekly podcasts will be uploaded on these days by 10:00am EST – these are short stories clips with sometimes releasing a bonus promo of a full length story for the week for all listeners, but it will be rare and a bonus. Most of these stories release to the public will be short clips of the actual full story. Patrons will get the full access all the time.    
  • Regular season is from the 1st Monday of September to last Monday in May of that year. (*This current season ends on May 28th)
  • During off regular season, the summer months from June to August this podcast will be bi-weekly Mondays with the same schedule time of publication along with shorter episodes airing recorded time for the lead up to return back to regular season in the fall of of that year.

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SEASON 2 – 2018-2019 SHOW NOTES 



Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg May 2019 — Season 2 2018-2019 ends – Finale Month! 

“For the Love of MOLIAE Returns Back”  

For the Month of  May – Clip Snippets and a Finale Full Short – for the last month of Season 2

Before the Summer Break of 2019 for Season 2, this is the Month of MOLIAE as new things are revealed and explained from the previous year of episodes. It will go fast, so tune in for details on the episodes featuring which new character progress forward or backward into the unknown and beyond within the MOLIAE Universe. Get in the Know of MOLIAE!


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg April 2019 

“MOLIAE Character Profiles of Season 2 2018-2019 

For the Month of April – The new characters that will move on to stage & future productions

This a reflection to the new characters introduce and re-introduce for an opportunity to get in the know of them for each one has ties to MOLIAE storyline that can expand vastly into other realms. In addition, the pursuit to list the core details of the character and their role of importance within the MOLIAE Universe. Get in the Know of MOLIAE!


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg March 2019 

“The Return to MOLIAE short stories” 

For the Month of March – Clip Snippets

We return to MOLIAE timeline and episodes focusing on where we left out on the many reveals back in December 2018 Season 2 and Season 1 episodes. Pay close attention it will go fast and important forward releases and theatrical productions. It’s amazing! Get in the Know of MOLIAE!


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg February 2019 

“New Story starts for the whole month of February 

For the Month of February – Some Clip Snippets and Full story

This is a new adventure so stay tune for more details of the new short story series  that will be confirmed and the story title announced soon – to reveal the short story timeline reference. Very excited!


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg January 2019 

“New Story starts for the whole month of January for the New Year 

For the Month of January – Some Clip-Snippets and Full Short story

Stay tune for more details of the new short story series  that will be confirmed soon for the new year in 2019: the return of a new short story introduced during Summer of 2018.


“When love was divine”- Episode 42 

For the Month of December “Shorts of Short Stories  – Full story

In this week we will focus on Episode 42 “When love was divine” in a shared moment we focus on Queen Hagar with her daughter Princess Hannah in Mitsrayim. Princess Hannah keen sense of awareness to her mother’s heart of her father King Mahlon supports Queen Hagar as she awaits the return of King Mahlon back from the Domain of Sudan. In solidifying their family and remembering when love was divine in the pursuit for unification of a nation, Queen Hagar holds on to the hope forward.



“King Mahlon reign supreme in the Sudan” – Episode 41 

For the Month of December “Shorts of Short Stories – Full Story 

In this week we will focus on Episode 41 “King Mahlon reign supreme in the Sudan” where we find King Mahlon entering the Domain of Sudan Rule where the Congeto Tribal Leaders in attendance in the land we call now the Congo and other dignities that will change the movement from against Mitsrayim into an even stronger force. There is another reveal showcasing the young future ruler Daniy’el of Kodesh that will be one of the key Kings to connect with King Mahlon future daughter named Princess Aamina.



“Director Clip Notes for Episode 34 – 36” 

For the Month of December “Shorts of Short Stories 

In this week we will be on focusing on Director Clip Notes for Episode 34-36 for episodes entitled “34 Mighty one revealed among many” and Episode 35 “An Allegiance bestows with Lanko” and Episode 36 “Orion skies there is always others.”



“Love abounds among Mitsrays” – Episode 40 

For the Month of December “Shorts of Short Stories  – Full Story

In this week Episode 40 “Love abounds among Mitsrays” that we will hone on the core relationships and supporting relationships that there is a moment between Queen Hagar and King Mahlon and then Ezri (High Rank Herbalist Scientist of Mitsrayim) and his wife that Ezri provides a reveal to Queen Hagar and King Mahlon.  *There is an important reveal to this timeline at this moment that leads into the timeline of the book “Mitsrayim” and the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay”.



“Nontu moves forward Amongst Others” – Episode 39 

For the Month of December “Shorts of Short Stories – Full Story 

In this week Episode #39 “ Nontu moves forward Amongst Others” where in this full short the advancement forward beyond the impending threat of his superiors seeking council for the disappearance of Ecko. Nontu received something in his favor that blindly encourages him to go all in for the control of lower part of Sudan. **There is an important reveal that was initial brought to light in Season 1 Episode 8 “In a new day a new path is revealed”.


Director Clip Notes Episodes 32 – 33 of Season 2 2018-2019

In this week’s Episode is Nichel Anderson’s “Director Clip Notes Episodes 32-33 of Season 1 2018-2019” – The review of episodes sharing Nichel clip notes and process to the reasoning for the scenes presented in these episodes along with some new information highlighted for this week episode podcast. Nichel will discuss her Director Clip Notes of Episode  32 “With moments of love in Mitsrayim” and Episode “Truth stands tall amongst falsehood of thee”. Nichel will review the scenes breakdown and new information regarding the MOLIAE storyline on the timeline “Before the Time of Princess Aamina” within the podcast time reference.


Clip Snippet “King Mahlon Rise to Akun Royal” Episode 38

In this week’s Episode 38, titled: “King Mahlon Rise to Akun Royal – In this episode, it is customary of a royal returning of the ascenison to the throne after King Mahlon severely state during the last war, thus, Ezri (The High Mitsrayim Herbalist and Scientist of Thaui) and Elder Tayyib along with other selected few dignitaries are present. There are some others from Plediadies that arrived with those really close to King Mahlon as well as Etherian blessings to over see the golden chest of his symbolic realignment to the throne of Mitsrayim.


Clip Snippet “Sisters of the Sudan” Episode 37

In this week’s Episode 37, titled: “Sisters of the Sudan” Episode 37 – Guest Speaker “Consuelo Duconge” -We focus on Queen Hagar and her sister Queen Mamie from the book “Mitsrayim” as her first debut into the expansion of the MOLIAE storyline from the book to a theatrical production, i.e, she will be in the forthcoming Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay and now initially debuting in the Podcast Show timeline of MOLIAE – “Before the time of Princess Aamina” where the sisters take note of the previous war with tribal leaders and the unknown support of them to challenge King Mahlon. The sisters share some wisdom of the strength in commitment to their mate during turmoil to rise above while Queen Hagar reveal her visit to find out more from Rulen.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg11/5/2018  –

Director Clip Notes Episodes 30 – 31 of Season 2 2018-2019

In this week’s Episode is Nichel Anderson’s “Director Clip Notes Episodes 30-31 of Season 1 2018-2019” – Let’s do highlights for this week – we will talk about my Director Clip Notes of Episode 30 “When one falls there is another to behold” and Episode  31 “In the Sudan many secrets run deep to the afar of old”. Nichel will review the scenes breakdown and new information regarding the MOLIAE storyline on the timeline “Before the Time of Princess Aamina” within the podcast time reference.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 10/29/2018  –

Clip Snippet – “Of the Orion Skies There’s Always Others” – Episode 36

In this week’s Episode 36, titled: “Of the Orion Skies There’s Always Others” –we focus on one of the three main, we focus on Hanee, the High Rank Secret Council Member of Ueken Orion from this timeline of MOLIAE storyline started in this Podcast Universe that is “Before the Time of Princess Aamina”. There will be a patron only access to a reveal of new characters from the book “Mitsrayim” timeline that will reappear in future episodes in the Podcast series as well as for the forthcoming Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 10/22/2018  –

Director Clip Notes Episodes 26 – 27 – 28 – 29 of Season 1 2017-2018

In this week’s Episode 36, titled: “Director Clip Notes Episodes 26 – 27 – 28 – 29 of Season 1 2017 – 2018” – Let’s do highlights for this week – we will talk about Nichel Anderson Director’s Clip Notes of Episodes 26 “Queen Hagar Remembers Moments Before” and Episode 27 “Betrayal is Amongst Us” and Episode 28 “Many Aspire for the Astar of Mitsrayim: and Episode 29 “Season Finale: Bountiful Is Thee Amongst A Mitsrayim King” that in reviewing and providing behind the scenes in relation to character intent and what was missed outlining what to watch out for in the forthcoming new episodes – that these episodes 26-29 show the heighten tension amongst the Orions leading to a betrayal and an insight to their current agent against Mitsrayim that connects to King Mahlon.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 10/15/2018  –

CLIP Snippet – An Allegiance Bestows Upon Lanko – Episode 35

In this week’s Episode 35, titled: “CLIP Snippet – An Allegiance Bestows Upon Lanko” – We focus on Lanko returning back to Tiamat (planet Earth) on the senior level instructions by the Hanee to go to the northern part of the Sudan and deliver a secret message to someone. We get to know more of those against King Mahlon and discover this someone is connected to Sanel, of the well known adversaries of King Mahlon back in Season 1 Episode 6 “No Way Out But All In” – There is a patron only reveal that later in Mitsrayim the short story continues with King Mahlon and Queen Hagar, it is apart of the Patron Member portion to find out what does Mahlon tells Hagar and why.

Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg10/08/2018  –

Director Clip Notes Review on Episodes 22 – 25 of Season 2 2018-2019

In this week’s podcast: Director Clip Notes Review on Episodes 22 – 25 – In this week podcast episode, the Director Clip Notes for Episodes 22-25 of Season 1 2017-2018 that focuses on “Ancient Essence from the Nile – Episode 22” published 4/9/2018. And Episode 23 “When a General is Born” published on 4/16/2018 along with episode 24 “Any day can be a Supreme Day” published on 4/23/18 and Episode 25 “A disagreement among the Orions” published on 4/30/18.

Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg  10/01/2018  –

Clip Snippet – Mighty One Revealed Among Many – Episode 34

In this week’s Episode 34, titled: “Mighty One Revealed Among Many” – for my podcast show Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond – Where the podcast returns back to focus on King Mahlon as he returns back to this throne in Mitsrayim.  In this week – we have the rulers of Mitsrayim returning back from the short rest away from the confrontation with Ecko to take him off the scene and return back to Mitsrayim to make King Mahlon recovery and to the throne known. In episode 34 starts back in this month forward clip snippets of the full short story. Again, this is a premium podcast mostly release clip snippets of the full short stories of the clips with the full story accessible on Nichel Anderson patreon page.



Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 9/24/2018  –

Truth stand tall among falsehood of theeEpisode 33

In this week’s Episode 33, titled: “Truth stand tall amongst falsehood of thee” – we learn of Nontu whereabouts and his secrecy during the uprising against Ecko leading to King Mahlon discovery of their main hideaway mission against Mitsrayim. Nontu sets out of another allegiance by an unknown to the North of the Sudan not away of the impeding crossroads with Lanko.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 9/17/2018  –

With Moments of Love in Mitsrayim – Episode 32

In this week’s Episode 32, titled: “With Moments of Love in Mitsrayim” – we discover the connection between King Mahlon and Queen Hagar as they return back from the ordeal dealing with one of the prime adversaries to now focus on their relationship and the anew inside Queen Hagar. There is a reveal of a matter Queen Hagar informs King Mahlon that opens up a new awareness to bring the others in front of awareness.
*For the month of September, the full short will be release before the clip snippet returns mostly during the podcast season broadcast.


Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 9/10/2018  –

In the Sudan many secrets run deep to the afar of oldEpisode 31 

This week Season 2 Episode 31, titled: “In the Sudan many secrets run deep to the afar of old” – Nichel Anderson continues onward in this episode where it features Elder Tayyib that agreed to meet with Rulen, in the Sudan, on behalf of Queen Hagar regarding Rulen’s letter. It is Tayyib in search to more secrets of the previous outbreak – of who, where, and why of war against Mitsrayim that Rulen indicated something anew in the midst of some tribal leaders betrayal. This is a premium podcast with most of the short stories are premium content and can get access through my Patreon page. The links to become a patron podcast member are below in description of this podcast.



Nichel_Anderson_Short_Stories_And_Beyond_Podcast_982.jpg 9/3/2018  –

When one falls, there is another one to behold – Season 2 – 2018-2019

Welcome back to a brand new Season for 2018-2019 with Episode 30 “When one falls, there is another one to behold” – this week episode is the “full short story” that continues from last Season 1 finale Episode 29 starting with Season 2 concerning the Orions aftermath to the confrontation with King Mahlon and Ecko. It is Lanko on the scene reporting to his elders that have not been introduced in Season 1. It is Lanko that recieves a special message to someone back on Tiamat to proceed in the next phase against Mitsrayim.

Many thank you again for supporting this podcast that is based on my on book titled: “Mitsrayim – A Memoir” It was written over twenty years ago now emerged into a Podcast Show! Wow! In purpose anything is possible.

***For the month of September will be the full short stories, while starting in October to the end of Season 2 in May returns to mostly Clip Snippets of the story – for the full story of the clip snippet to this premium podcast – visitor have to become a patron, see below details.

To Recap from last Episode 29, of my Season 1 2017- 2018 “Bountiful is thee amongst a Mitsry King” – (Be sure to check out the video experience on MOLIAE Youtube Channel) — where Queen Hagar and King Mahlon discovers one of the traitors against Mitsrayim and enters the leader of the Orion opposition Cove of Coveners – listeners did not get to know what happen to Ecko on that it seems King Mahlon made it official is well and back as full ruler of Mitsrayim. There is a another day.

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