SHOW NOTES Podcast Season 2 – 2018-2019


Season 2 Podcast Show

September 3, 2018 to May 27, 2019



Show Notes Listings of Future and Previous Podcast Episodes:

  Click here: Season 2 2018-2019 Podcast Episodes Show Notes


Schedule of Podcast

  • Monday – regular new weekly podcasts will be uploaded on these days by 10:00am EST – these are short stories clips with sometimes releasing a bonus promo of a full length story for the week for all listeners, but it will be rare and a bonus. Most of these stories release to the public will be short clips of the actual full story. Patrons will get the full access all the time.    
  • Regular season is from the 1st Monday of September to last Monday in May of that year. (*This current season ends on May 28th)
  • During off regular season, the summer months from June to August this podcast will be bi-weekly Mondays with the same schedule time of publication along with shorter episodes airing recorded time for the lead up to return back to regular season in the fall of of that year.

This Podcast is apart of Nichel Anderson Premium Content, in which, as a Patron from Ms. Anderson venture. If you want to be a patron of this podcast by Nichel Anderson you sign-up here:

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Once as a patron at sign-up page on listeners that are patrons get full access to that week’s short story plus additional awards, such as, bonus short stories not published on the public podcast RSS feed and a chance to record a scene with Nichel as one of her characters in a short story.


Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond Podcast


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