MOLIAE Character Profiles – Podcast Season 1 of 2017-2018

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*ANNOUNCEMENT – Starting in February 2018 for thiswill start Character Profiles from this Season 1 2017-2018 of MOLIAE Short Stories from the Podcast: “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” — A total of nine for the few weekly shows – Get to know them specifically as they will be featured solely. It allows you to know, identify their role in MOLIAE story because they are a lot of them. Good prep for you when the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay” goes live.


Character Profiles that will be featured and it will be similar to these Director Clip Notes – From this Season 1 of 2017-2018:


Queen Hagar

2/5/2018 Monday 10:00am EST – Season 1 Episode 13  Monday 10:00am EST 

Show Topic:   “Character Profile – Queen Hagar”   Episodes 13″   – *For the next nine weeks Nichel Anderson focuses on the characters introduced and re-introduced in the MOLIAE storyline  to provide both Queen Hagar personality and key characteristics that defines her role in this saga started with the book “Mitsrayim: A Memoir” – Queen Hagar was in the webisodes, but she never been in the stage plays. So, she will make her royal debut in the planned “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay” and of course in these short stories podcast. In this episode, the discussion focuses on aspects of her persona among ts the other key characters in these short stories as well as in the book and into the return back to stage in the future.

In the short story podcast timeline, Queen Hagar is a fairly young queen with only Princess Hannah as a the child from King Mahlon – compared to the book she has two other children, in which, the main character in Mitsrsayim: A Memoir is Princess Aamina. Towards the end of this episode, Nichel reveals a unknown information about Queen Hagar for patrons only that mostly like will not be revealed in the future return to stage but in the short stories, yes, however, for patrons only

**There will be a PATRONS ONLY reveal of information not published to the public, listeners must become a Patron of the Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond Podcast Patron Program, at 

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